Lahore - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed for amending the anti-terrorist law as per the Supreme Court verdict in Karachi unrest case to streamline and expedite the prosecution to ensure timely punishment to culprits.

After ordering a Rangers-led operation in Karachi the other day

Presiding over a high level security meeting at Jatti Umra on Saturday, he also directed for immediate blocking of all illegal and unauthorised mobile phone SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules), the main coordination tool in the hands of the terrorists and miscreants.

The number of such SIMs runs into millions and the government will have to act in cooperation with all cell phone companies to discontinue service to their unregistered users. The interior minister informed the meeting about the harm that such SIMs have caused to Karachi peace.

These decisions come after ordering a Rangers-led operation in Karachi the other day and these will definitely have bearing on the terrorist activities about which an All Parties Conference is being held on September 9 (Monday).

The meeting was attended by Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, ISI DG Zaheehul Islam, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Information Minister Pervez Rashid, Special Assistant to the PM Khwaja Zheer, Federal Minister Zahid Hamid, secretary interior and the heads of the security agencies.

Besides discussing matters relating to law, order and peace generally in the country and particularly in Karachi, the meeting also approved agenda of the APC, counter terror strategy in light of the new developments and peace talks with Taliban.

DG Rangers briefed the meeting on the targeted operation against the target killers, extortionists and kidnappers in Karachi and the arrests made therein. The prime minister expressed satisfaction with the briefing and wanted to ensure success of the Karachi operation through a solid and consistent policy. The PM said Karachites pin high hopes on the security agencies which must not disappoint them.

PM Nawaz expressed the resolve to restore peace all over the country and rooting out terrorism which he said was essential to economic progress and attracting forging investment to the country. He stressed the national unity to counter terrorists who, according to him, are out not only to weaken the very fabric of the state but destroy peace of the citizens as well. On Karachi situation, the PM said ‘enough is enough’ and now peace will return to the city.

As per well informed sources, the meeting also took decisions on the strategy and agenda of APC which also included talks with Taliban for the sake of incorporating it as a point in the National Security Policy after a broad based consensus at the APC.

The all-party conference reportedly will also discuss drone attacks. The sources said the meeting decided that DGs of ISI and IB will brief participants of the APC on the national security, conspiracies against the country and the terrorism issues. They will also respond to the queries.

Sources have hinted at a meeting of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s chief minister with the prime minister and the military authorities before the APC. ANP leader Haji Adeel has accepted invitation to attend the APC while Opposition Leader Syed Khurshid Shah has postponed his London visit to attend the conference.

According to sources the meeting passed positive signals on initiating peace talks with Taliban and on the part of the government, it was expected that political figures who have offered mediation to bring two sides closer would be encouraged and given a chance to play a role to make talks productive and fruitful.

Both the government and army were on the same page on peace talks however the meeting also took into account the initiatives taken in this regard in the past so that the factors which frustrate the peace overtures could be avoided, said the sources. They said that the meeting also touched upon the division of Taliban in different groups and how the efforts of peace through negotiations could be successful as such.

The meeting also highly appreciated the role played by Pak Army and the security persons in the counter terror operations and paid glowing tribute to over 4,000 jawans and officers who laid down their lives in that course.

Sources said the meeting of the government persons and the defence officers would be held twice a week to monitor operation against the terrorist and nefarious element and to update strategy in this regard.