KARACHI - WAQT NEWS REPORT - Sindh Home Department has stopped Rangers from taking a unilateral step, and directed the law-enforcement agency to inform the provincial police chief before initiating any action.

Through a formal letter, the government also ordered the security agency to provide details to Home Department deputy secretary about actions being taken on a daily basis.

The provincial government has not given Rangers any exclusive powers yet. According to sources, constitutional experts of the government have expressed reservations over special powers for Rangers.

These experts argue that despite the fact that things were even worse in Quetta and Peshawar Rangers had not been mandated special authority there, then why it was important in Karachi, sources add.

Also, the provincial government has not released a notification with regards to federal cabinet’s meeting about giving special powers given to Rangers.

Sources in provincial government however say because of the legal complexities involved, such a notification could not be issued for the time being.