With the increase in oil prices, the corresponding prices in the items of daily use have gone sky high. The poor man is at a loss how to make ends meet. The middle class has also been badly affected and perhaps they will soon be falling into the poverty line. The old pensioners have started packing up for their journey to the graves as they cannot live within the meager pensions given to them.

However, there are a few classes in our society which are unaffected by the high prices. One can see them in our posh shopping malls which are full to the capacity by the shoppers. They have plenty of money to spend on luxury items. Most of them come on green plated brand new cars. Obviously, they are families of the ruling class parliamentarians, ministers or high profile government servants. These are the ‘Free Loaders’ and are parasites that are thriving on sucking the blood of the poor masses.

The PML-N government had announced austerity, but we don’t see any practice, it is all on paper! These 12 percent elite of our 18 crore population get free transport, free manpower at home, free telephones, free electricity and almost free food, their monthly allowances are enough to feed 200 families, but who cares! Added to all this is bribe, money which they think is a gift, commissions, and several payoffs , make the adage true “Money begets money.” This uneven distribution of wealth may bring the walls of Rome crashing down!

I seriously suggest that the government should limit the facilities and make sure that all illegal means of earnings are stopped. The nation should be able to see how and where all the money is spent. These should have limited fuel allowance, smaller houses should be allotted and lesser help, they should also pay for their utilities. The only class which needs to be squeezed is the tax-evaders who have plenty of black money and they spend it lavishly.


Lahore, Septembe