LAHORE: PPP Patron-in-Chief, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari currently on a week- long visit to Lahore is not here to make big decisions on any matter, a party source told The Nation.

“He is a good listener. He would only listen to the party men to know what they have to say on party matters,” said the source, a senior party leader who did not wish to be named. The source also said that Bilawal was not supposed to make political statements during his stay here in Lahore or make decisions on party matters.

“It is because he has not been authorized by his father Asif Ali Zardari to do so”, he explained, adding that Bilawal would seek first-hand information from the visiting party men to have an understanding of party’s organizational matters and to acquaint himself with them.

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Some news channels yesterday quoted Bilawal Bhutto as having stated that PPP would smash the power of the PML-N in the coming local elections. They also quoted him saying that PPP would challenge the government’s decision to levy withholding tax on cheque payments.

The news channels were attributing Bilawal’s alleged statement to party’s south Punjab general secretary Mr Shaukat Mehmood Basra who attended a meeting of party’s south Punjab office bearers at Bilawal House on Monday.

Jamil Soomro, Media Advisor to Bilawal Bhutto was quick to issue a contradictory statement saying that south Punjab leader had misquoted the party chairman.

“The chairman did not discuss local bodies’ elections or any issue regarding taxation in the meeting”, he said, adding that chairman was only conducting organizational meetings and taking point of views of workers from each district.

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When contacted to clarify his position, Shaukat Basra told The Nation that news channels quoted him out of context. “Bilawal Bhutto did not make any such statement in the party meeting. It was in fact the demand of the party men who called on their leader on Monday.

One of the participants had suggested that PPP should challenge the withholding tax in court of law, while another said that PPP should take on the PMP-N with full force and smash its political power in the coming local bodies’ elections”, he explained.