KARACHI - Marathon with 64.27 Victory Points (VPs) annexed the Karachi Bridge Associates' Swiss Bridge Tournament here at the Aslam Bridge Hall on Sunday evening. Spearheaded by Tariq Rasheed Khan with Ghaffar Qureshi, Zafar Zaki, Saleem Zaki and Asghar Abbas Zaidi won three of their four matches to emerge on the top. Marathon started in style by routing Foxy 20.00. They lost to Team Masood narrowly and thereafter Starlet and Mushahid fell to their aggression losing 18.41 and 17.24 VPs to take the top spot in 10-team contest. In the pair contest, Ghufran and Shahab Khan reached the top in the third round and then they won the weekly contest having a decent score of 63.99% followed by veteran Ghaffar Qureshi - Zafar Zaki 58.63 and Khalid Zaki - Jawad Abedi 58.04 per cent.