a difference of opinion

A: You are still running Windows 7? You call me technologically challenged and you still cling to old software. What is the matter? Don’t know how to press the upgrade button? Want me to walk you through it?

S: Enjoy your brief moments of technological superiority, because they will be your only ones. A world where you are technologically adept than me exist only in your imagination. I haven’t upgraded out of choice, the mandatory user policies of Windows 10 made me a little uncomfortable.

A: What mandatory user policies?

S: Now who is technologically challenged?

A: Stop gloating and tell me, you know I don’t follow tech news.

S: The new Windows tracks a lot of your activity under the rubric of “customer experience and diagnostic telemetry”, essentially relaying tons of data regarding how you use your PC to Microsoft. The feature was optional in previous versions, hence...

A: You are worried about a little metadata? The whole world collects that now. Your phone sends your call and message patterns back to service providers, Facebook keeps track of your likes and dislikes to give you advertisements tailored to your needs, every website has some form of cookie policy. You should get used to it.

S: I shouldn’t if I don’t want to. I accept some form of invasive data collection and advertisement as collateral in the digital world, but I have to draw a line somewhere. A company knowing my preference in music is alright, them knowing what I do inside my PC’s is another matter.

A: You know, the only sure fire way of avoiding such surveillance is to give everything up and live in a cave.

S: In my visions of dystopia, it might come to just that.