ISLAMABAD - The government has disapproved the demand of PML-N’s senior member Ch Nisar Ali Khan and opposition parties to summon a joint session of parliament, and decided to debate important matters separately in the National Assembly and Senate.

The upcoming National Assembly and Senate sessions will separately debate the matters related to US President’s recent allegations, inhuman treatment of Rohingya Muslims, reservations about national population census etc. Both houses of the parliament (National Assembly and Senate) have been summoned on September 11.

PML-N senior lawmaker Ch. Nisar and all opposition parties’ members, before passing a resolution in the National Assembly last week, had asked the government to call a joint session of parliament to debate US new policy for the region.

Parliamentary sources said that the government had paid no heed to the demand and was decided to debate all important matters separately in both houses.

When contacted, Director Media National Assembly said that he has no information to summon a joint session for debating important matters. However, he said, the National Assembly session has been summoned on Monday (11 September).

The opposition parties have submitted adjournment motions and resolutions in the Senate and National Assembly Secretariat. Opposition parties, including PPP, PTI and MQM, have also planned to debate the inhuman treatment meted out to Rohingya Muslims.

The PPP has submitted a resolution in the National Assembly Secretariat about Rohingya genocide in Myanmar.

“This House expresses its deep anguish over the inhumane treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine state; categorically condemns the rape, pillage and mass genocide,” says the resolution, submitted by opposition MNAs.

“The house demands that the Pakistani government should approach the Myanmar government and forge a peaceful end to this humanitarian crisis and it also calls upon the UN and comity of nations to intervene and ensure end to this ethnic cleansing,” says the resolution.

“The House strongly appeals to the UN and international community to also ensure unfettered access to humanitarian aid organisations, journalists and human rights monitors to the victims/Rohingya refugees and constitute an independent international inquiry to ascertain facts and unveil the truth behind this current devastation in Myanmar,” the resolution added.

This resolution was submitted by Leader of the Opposition Khursheed Ahmed

Shah, Shazia Atta Marri, Syed Naveed Qamar, Nawab Muhammad Yousif Talpur, Dr Nafisa Shah and others.

Other opposition parties, including PTI and Jamaat Islami (JI) have already submitted adjournment motions in the National Assembly Secretariat to formally debate the matter in the house.

Parliamentary sources said that the government and other opposition parties will also give its input in the resolution before passing it unanimously. The opposition parties (PPP and PTI) will raise reservations about the provisional results of 6th national population.