LAHORE -  Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Thursday led a big PML-N rally at Beadon Road in NA-120 constituency where her mother Begum Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif is contesting by-election to regain the seat vacated by Nawaz Sharif after he was disqualified by Supreme Court.

Maryam was accorded a very warm welcome on her arrival at the Beadon Road. A number of elected representatives of the Punjab Assembly and the local government received her and moved along her long caravan which comprised a large number of party supporters on foot, two wheelers and four wheelers. Mounds of flower petals were showered on the jeep of Maryam Nawaz who also opened two election offices of the party on the way.

In response to highly enthusiastic workers, Maryam repeatedly appeared from jeep and waved towards the people around and those standing on the roof tops and far off in this commercial locality of the city. She spoke little on the way and just said, “Lahore belongs to Nawaz Sharif and his ‘tigers’ will prove this fact on September 17 by electing Begum Kalsoom Nawaz to the Parliament.”

An elaborated display of fireworks was made along the track on which the vehicle of Maryam moved on a snail’s pace with repeated stopover due to rush of the party workers and supporters. Maryam’s caravan took hours to cross over a few kilometers long track. Loud slogans, party songs, dance, drum-beating were a prominent feature of the rally which was participated by women and elderly people as well. At various places, during the rally, currency notes valuing Rs100 and 500 were also showered on Maryam’s vehicle. A very tight security was maintained on rally route where a number of people shot the scene in the cell phones and danced to tune of drum beats.

The scene of Maryam’s rally gave more of the look of his father, Nawaz Sharif’s caravan which reached from Islamabad to Lahore in four days on August 12, than simply an election campaign show.

Maryam’s rally also moved to other areas of the constituency and everywhere she received huge welcome from Nawaz Sharif lovers.

Maryam who in her public speeches had obtained the people’s endorsement to the rejection of disqualification verdict against her father, found a unique public enthusiasm in the rally. She has been counting the achievements of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister towards driving the county out of the quagmire. She questioned his disqualification when he was performing excellently for the country and the nation. Maryam has received a strong commitment from the people of NA-120 when she asked them to vote Begum Kalsoom that will be as good as voting Nawaz Sharif.

The Beadon Road rally of Maryam spokes for itself the popularity of the PML-N and Nawaz Sharif although she did not speak much to the gathering around and mostly replied them through hand-waving.