Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said the September 17 by-polls in NA-120 will decide the future of Pakistan.

Addressing a rally at Qartaba Chowk in Lahore, Imran said people’s vote will decide the future directions for Pakistan.

“Your vote will strengthen the judiciary. It will be an homage to the Supreme Court,” he added.

The PTI is mainly trying to bank on its narrative of change which also helped it grab over 50,000 votes in the last electoral contest from this constituency. Its candidate Dr Yasmin Rashid is highly focusing on door-to door campaign which can change the minds of many neutral voters or those who have no strong political affiliation with any party.

However, since the PML-N is still in power at the centre and in the Punjab and Balochistan provinces, and there is ample time till the next general elections, the outcome of by-election in NA-120 Lahore this month would provide more serious an assessment as to how these political parties will fare in the next general elections.