RAWALPINDI -  Police and commandos of elite force have transported the two police officers convicted in the BB murder case to the Adiala Jail late night Thursday after their medical check-up in the District Headquarters Hospital.

According to details, the jail authorities have brought the two senior police officers Syed Saud Aziz, former CPO Rawalpindi, and SSP Khurram Shehzad, at the DHQ hospital from Adiala Jail in an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) under tight security.

In the hospital, doctors conducted routine medical tests of the two convicted police officers. The health of both police officers has been declared as good by the doctors.

Later on, the police and commandoes of Elite Force took both officers back to Adiala Jail near 9:30pm amid tight security. As the convoy of police officers passed through Adiala road, a massive traffic jam was witnessed posing hardships for commuters and pedestrians. Traffic wardens hardly managed to provide passage to the APC of police.

An anti terrorism court had convicted Syed Saud Aziz and SSP Khurram Shehzad in the BB murder case for mishandling the crime scene and showing negligence during security duty. Both the officers have challenged the conviction in the Lahore High Court.