METRO LOS ANGELES - Taylor Swift got a bit of stick from fans as she left her friend’s wedding.

The singer might have just made a bold return to music with a brand new image, but she must have been feeling shy at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s big day over the weekend. Taylor was pictured holding her friend’s dress as she entered the venue to get wed, looking vampy in a burgundy dress and dark lipstick.

After having a great time at the wedding, Taylor beat a hasty retreat, walking to her car completely screened by black sheets held up by security guards. Fans who were waiting outside hoping to get a glimpse of their fave were left disappointed, descending into boos as she left the wedding. In a video obtained by TMZ, one person can be heard saying: ‘We thought you loved your fans. Very disappointing. Not cool.’ Other distraught Swifties said: ‘We love you Taylor’ before switching to ‘noooo’ when they realised they weren’t going to see her.

Here’s hoping she just had to hurry back and get cracking on the music video for her new single Ready For It, which she unveiled on Sunday.