Islamabad - Youm-e-Fazaiya is  a very important day  and recalls the victory and sacrifices of the heroes who rendered their lives for the security of the country during the 1965 war.

These views were expressed by Uzair, the Wing Commander  of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), on the occasion of Youm-e-Fazaiya in a panel interview on Thursday.

Uzair said, “Our country was in the establishing phase as a nation at the time of the war of 1965 and our enemy attacked us when our armed forces were not on strong footings.”

He said quality, training, and equipment are the basics and motto of Pakistan Air Force, and with this spirit in mind, we had fought the battle of 1965 and sacrificed a lot for the defense of the country.

He said, “Every year we remember our heroes, martyrs, and the ghazis who are brilliant examples for us.”

He said, “This is part of our culture that we  remember the precious and valuable families of our martyrs,  as we all are like one family and the families of the martyrs are also being invited to all the events and ceremonies to recall the sacrifices of their dear ones’.

Flight Lieutenant Dr Arooj said that the spirit of patriotism inspired her to join the PAF and serve as a professional doctor.

She said, “Being a PAF doctor is very honorable and demanding job and this is my message for all the girls to pursue this profession as it’s very appealing nowadays.”

Flight Lieutenant Waqas Ahmad in PAF Engineering department said, “As a youngster, we always look up to the heroes of the nation which are inspiration for all of us to join this profession.”