LAHORE - Chief Executive Officer of Shabbir Tiles Masood Jaffery has said that Pakistan’s tile industry can help the new government achieve its target of employment creation and revenue generation.

No doubt, he added, reviving economy is one of the biggest challenges for the new government while its target of creating jobs for youth and boost exports are the way forward to achieve economic prosperity.

It is to be noted that Pakistan’s unemployment rate reached 4.04% level in 2017 as compared to 1.83% back in 2014, while current account deficit and negative balance of payments are also contributing heavily to the deteriorating economy.

The CEO Shabbir Tiles said that local tiles industry is one of those sectors that can help the government achieve its targets and the industry is willing to invest in capacity enhancement to further increase its production provided that the government supports the industry.

He informed that the direct and indirect employment size of the local tiles market is over 50,000. “The local tile industry is producing quality products that are comparable to top global tiles manufacturers, hence a big opportunity for employment generation,” said Masood.

It is to be noted that total official imports are 22,020,000 sq meter and total smuggling from Iran is 13,380,000 sq meter. This shows the magnitude of the damage being done to the local industry by smuggling.

Masood said smuggling is increasing day by day which is hurting local tile manufacturers, while tax and duty evasion due to smuggling and low ITPs are the factors hurting the government revenues as well.