A wise man once said. “there is no royal way to success,” and that is true as well. Journalism is a responsible field and logically it becomes impossible for a journalist to become very rich and famous, even working fingers to the bone, when working atleast as a reporter and a camera-man. Although in Pakistan news-reporting is also a profiting task when, other than only news reporting, correspondingly advertising politicians, bureaucrats and affluents. 

In Karachi, a local news reporter of a reputable Sindhi media channel ‘KTN’ of Kawish group, Qadir Lashari aboriginal of Wahi Pandhi town, not only has become millionair but also achieved fame in a very short period of time. This irrational fame, obviously, bothered counterparts and citisens, so some unknown persons had complaint against him for alleged illegal earnings. Finally, Kawish group has fired him on pretext of probing into the matter. 

Now, Qadir Lashari is free from the job, so he, using his journalistic and political influence, has set off blackmailing people of Wahi Pandhi. Recently, due to insufficient security, dacoiting and looting has increased along the road from Johi to Wahi Pandhi, way to Gorakh Hill Station as well. Suffering from these troubles, locals of Wahi Pandhi has arranged a sit-in, demanding security along the road and Wahi Pandhi city as well. The once-a-reporter has seen it an opportunity or something else and has started to black mail protestors to end the sit-in or using his political influence and power will leave no stone unturned to malign each and every protestor on social media. 

Its an appeal to Kawish group to kindly take stringent actions against Qadir Lashari for blackmailing esteemed citisens of Wahi Pandhi and restore your reputation of free and fair broadcasting media group among masses. It is also an appeal to journalists’ organisation and council of Sindh to look into the matter and retain your trusted name of ‘independent-journalism’. 


August 19.