PM Imran Khan's sons reach Islamabad

2018-09-08T13:01:00+05:00 Web Desk

Prime Minister Imran Khan 's sons Sulaiman Isa Khan and Qasim Khan have reached Islamabad on Saturday. 

According to the media reports, PM Khan's sons have come from  London and will stay in Pakistan for four days at Imran Khan 's Bani Gala residence.

It is their first visit after their father took oath as Pakistan's prime minister. On the directions of Imran Khan both, the boys did not attend the oath-taking ceremony of their father.

In response to criticism that the two junior Khans were vacationing in Scotland instead of attending the oath-taking ceremony, Jemima Goldsmith the premier's former wife clarified that they wanted to attend the ceremony but their father asked them not to come.

"May the sons be proud of their father's work as the prime minister of a country that needs lots of dedication and work", she had added.

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