KARACHI   -  Under the tight security arrangement Sindh Governor House on Friday opened its doors for the Kararchiites. According to details, citizens were allowed to visit Sindh Governor House as per the announced timing between 6am to 10am from Monday to Friday whereas on Sunday citizen were allowed to visit the premises between 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

Permission of visiting Sindh Governor House has provided the citizen an opportunity to visit office of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah office and some of its other sections. Furthermore arrangement were also made by the Governor House for guided tours for students and families to let them properly visit different important parts of building where effects of Muhammad Ali Jinnah were preserved, the chair and table used by him.

It is pertinent to mention here that PTI nominated governors of Sindh and Punjab, Imran Ismail and Chaudhry Sarwar earlier announced to use minimum recourses for themselves after taking oath following the PTI`s agenda to curb excessive expenditures and bring an end to VIP culture remained in practice of former rulers.

Speaking to the media, Sindh Governor Imran Isamil said that Governor House building is one of the historic structure and it also carries the rare artifacts. After taking charge I am only using two rooms of the official arrangement and using one government vehicle for protocol burring down past acts of pervious governor who took protocol that includes about 40 government vehicles, said Ismail.

He further said that today as per announcement I am opening the Governor House gates for public and visitors would be allowed to enter the premises from Gate 1 after formal identification.

Talking about the progress of Karachi, he said that all the political forces should join hands and work for the betterment of port city. Government is focusing to complete the development projects which were under way in the metropolis on immediate basis whereas Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon visit Karachi, he informed.

Later, the governor also interacted with visitors and received their complements. The visitors appreciated the governor’s decision of opening the gates of the Governor House for public and termed it an achievement of PTI’s government.

Meanwhile, Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has demanded of the new government to make Sindh Governor House a university as per the election promise of Imran Khan and not a park or museum, as a university would be more beneficial for public.

Commenting on the opening of Governor House for families here on Friday Shakoor regretted that the new government of the prime minister has also continued the same lavish VVIP attitude and style of the colonial rulers and there is a little visible difference between this regime and the past regimes.

He said that spacious and lavish Prime Minister House, Governor Houses, IG, DIG and Commissioner Houses are symbols of the colonial rulers. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Sindh Governor Imran Ismail have won the hearts of people by announcing that they would not live in them, he said

However, some people are advising the new government that instead of making the Sindh Governor House a university as per the promise of Imran Khan it should be partially converted into a public park and museum, he added.

He said this would be considered as a U-turn of Imran Khan government and people would neither accept it and not fully benefited from it. He said that it is the demand of masses that the Sindh Governor House should be turned into a public university as the megacity Karachi has already been facing shortage of quality higher education.

He said that the Pasban also demands to establish at least one public university and one teaching college in every district of Pakistan including Sindh. He said “We also demand to setup industrial corridors dotted with industrial towns on Karachi-Hyderabad and Karachi-Ketty Bandar highways to mitigate unemployment in the province.”

He said that the vital public transport system of the megacity, Karachi Circular Railway is still in limbo and the Karachiites would right to think that the new government is insensitive to their problems as the previous regimes till the KCR is repaired and run.

He said that giving constitutional megacity status to Karachi and Lahore, making the promised big dam, besides constructing thousands of small rain-fed small check dams in whole country and introducing modern drip irrigation and solar energy methods in Pakistan are necessary to boost economy and ensure making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state like the Medina State.