Viral infections claim seven infants’ lives

2018-09-08T01:10:52+05:00 SAWAN KHASKHELI

MITHI - The outbreak of viral infections, water-borne diseases and malnutrition claimed more the seven lives of infants in Thar from Thursday to Friday.

All seven infants brought from various remote villages lost their lives in Civil Hospital in Mithi during the treatment. Health officials said that with the death of seven more infants the toll rose to 436 during the current year. They said that over 90 sick children below five years of the age were brought in the hospitals of the district.

“We do not have record of over eight hundred kids who have been referred to the teaching hospitals in Hyderabad and Karachi that whether they survived or died.”

The parents of the ailing children complained the media that the terrible shortage of the medicines and other facilities in all the government-run hospitals including in Mithi.

They alleged that the functionaries in the civil hospital had long stopped providing free ambulance service to take their serious patients or dead ones to their receptive villages.

They alleged that despite the fact that their region had already been declared as drought-hit by Sindh government few days back in the light of the reports of DC Thar, due to totally insufficient and erratic rains.

They deplored that they were still forced to drink the highly contaminated and the brackish water of the wells due to which not only their children but the young and old people were also facing health complications.

The health and nutrition experts including Dr Shaikh Tanweer and others talking to the reporter demanded the massive relief operation in the rain-dependent arid zone of the country to avoid the increasing fatalities of the infants and the expecting mothers.

The large number of people failed to get relief from concerned government functionaries have started migrating to the barrage areas with their livestock in search of fodder and water.

Despite, the repeated attempts neither health officials nor Thar DC could be contacted for their versions over the worsening conditions in the desert district, which was declared as the drought-hit by Sindh government some two weeks back.




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