The Indian paramilitary forces have been given a free pass as to whom they can arrest and kill in the streets of Jammu and Kashmir post the Article 350 being repealed in the state after a hurried presidential order to change the demographics of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). The recent target of the Indian atrocities is the 18-year-old boy Asrar Ahmad, who the authorities claim died as a result of a stone injury. According to a statement by his friends, he became the target of pellet shots on the evening of August 6, while he was playing outside his house with his friends.

This attack by the Indian army did not result due to any provocation from Asrar’s side. It was merely an attempt to create a sense of fear in the local community and terrorise them enough to not raise a voice against the state. Indian army is committing heinous crimes on the orders of the state and the state of emergency imposed in the region has robbed the population of their basic human rights. There are countless arrests of men and women without any due reason while several are also being injured in lieu of state sovereignty.

The state is also relentlessly denying the state of atrocities in IOK. Asrar was in the hospital for a month battling for his life post the deadly attack but the paramilitary forces have been adamant that his death was caused by a stone injury. This is regardless of all the evidence in the X-Ray scans that show pellet injuries all over his face. India - a champion of democracy and human rights in South Asia is breaking several clauses of the binding human rights charter signed under the United Nations (UN).

A complete and thorough investigation needs to be launched against the federal crimes India is committing in the region of Kashmir. The people of Kashmir have no contact with the outside world since a month now and that alone is terrorising the people because nobody has full information on the kind of crimes that are being committed by the Indian paramilitary forces to change the demographics of the region. Many innocent lives, just like that of Asrar, may be lost due to the imperialist mindset of the Modi government.