Fruits are the most colorful creation of God Almighty has provided us with a tinge of sourness and ample sweetness without any unnatural additives. They are filled with necessary vitamins and minerals as well as having antioxidant effects. Hence, fruits should be a part of one’s daily diet. Sadly however, this gift of nature is being negatively misused by the crooked practices of mass production; chemical agents are being used to make them ripen faster, prefer size and color over taste and how healthy it is to consume to fulfill market demands.

Calcium carbide is one such agent which helps trigger the ripening process but at the same time it also has several other damaging effects. Consumption of fruits ripened with these results in acute and chronic diseases including food poisoning, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, dizziness memory loss and seizures etc. So by buying such fruits that cannot hold up to human food safety guidelines it is the equivalent of buying poison. In a recent interview Director General Punjab Food Authority Mr. Usman stated that even if people have bought fruits they should consume it as otherwise they themselves are injecting poison in their bodies.

Pakistan still uses calcium carbide although it is banned worldwide, this is where we lack management and it is not only on smaller scale but also at governmental level but with new government new hopes are occurring and in this regard, calcium carbide has been banned as ripening agent by the Punjab Food Authority. Inspections and special raids were also carried out to ensure compliance with regulation. Government and authorities should work hand in hand for the betterment of society and for a healthier; free of adulteration mafia Pakistan.