Lahore - Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Ather Ali Khan along with senior officials has visited the residence of martyred Captain Salman Sarwat.

Talking to the father of Captian Salman, Ather said: “We are proud of our Army whose soldiers have a history of bravery and courage.” This visit was part of council’s plan to mark Defence Day as Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The Lahore Arts Council also held out a rally to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir in their just fight for freedom and  a candlelit vigil.

A couple of days ago, Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Ather told a meeting that the council would mark the day with national zeal.

“The country needed the spirit of September 6 once again, and the nation should be united for progress and prosperity, he said while sharing the Defence Day celebrations plan.

Prayers followed an exhibition titled “Kashmir Baney Ga Pakistan” and a seminar titled “Let’s go to the houses of martyrs” at the council.