Right plays a significant role for every individual in this universe. Human rights include to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and the freedom of opinion and expression the right to work and education. Everyone entitled to those rights without discrimination. All people have equal rights to self-determination. According to world human rights organizations the people freely determine their political, economic, social and culture development. But unfortunately in Jammu and Kashmir

human rights abuses is one of the horrifying issues that is being faced by Kashmiris people. The number of people are being subjected into various attacks like killings, rape, sexual abuses and many more are being faced. Human rights are the basic rights of every individual. In Kashmir a lot of people lost their lives and Indian police forces are killing the innocent people without any reason. Since 2008 586 people were killed. But still UNO is silent about this grave issue. It is my humble request to the concerned authorities especially UNO to take a serious step against Indian government and solve the problem of Kashmir forever.