Lahore - The corporate sector has joined a campaign of LDA for protecting environment, a press release said. Nippon Paints Pakistan has adopted the central park of LDA Avenue-I housing scheme for its permanent upkeep and maintenance while Coca Cola Pakistan has also announced to give 10 thousand plants to LDA for plantation at Finance and Trade Centre, Johar Town. SM Imran shed light on the importance of campaign while Usman Moazzam called for public participation for the cause. President Nippon Paints Pakistan Syed Samad Zaheer said his company had taken the initiative of adopting a park as its corporate social responsibility. He expressed the hope that other corporate bodies will also come forward. Rizwan Khan, General Manager Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan while speaking about the campaign said, “Climate change has emerged as a drastic challenge causing environmental degradation that is not only threatening environmental sustainability but also Pakistan’s ability to conserve its natural resources. It is therefore incumbent upon everyone to support the Government’s Clean and Green Pakistan program and plant more trees to counter deforestation and combat the escalating challenges of climate change”.