Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Sunday stated that the Sikh community enjoyed complete freedom in Pakistan.

Talking to a delegation of Sikh community led by Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Ejaz Aalam, CM Buzdar said that Sikh community, from around the world, was supporting the Pakistan’s stance on the core issue of Kashmir.

He said, “The Sikh brethren have come very nearer to Pakistan and this has no resemblance in the past.” PTI-led government was taking measures

to protect the rights of the Sikh community and other religious minorities, the chief minister noted.

He said, “Pakistan is a peaceful country and we believe in peace. We are happy to host our Sikh brethren.”

CM Buzdar reiterated that Pakistan will continue to provide every possible facility so that the local Sikh community and the Sikhs pilgrims arriving from India.

He said that the provincial government would provide facilities and security to the Sikh pilgrims on the eve of 550th birthday celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak.

Buzdar said, “Around one billion rupees have been allocated for the welfare of minorities and minority empowerment package has been introduced as well.”

“Naya Pakistan is following the golden principles of tolerance, brotherhood, and harmony,” he said and added that Pakistan had taken serious steps to open the Kartarpur Corridor to facilitate the Sikh community.