It is against our culture to talk about the dead, or their funerals, with sarcasm and an intent to insult them and their surviving relatives. As a nation we should be ashamed that two military usurpers namely Zia-ul-Haq and Musharraf were instrumental in judicial murder of one elected PM and forced exile of another. These are not traditions that should have been set for a country, which was created to function as a modern democratic welfare state. It is also a matter of national shame that the state prevented a proper dignified funeral to our elected PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and refused to allow PM Nawaz Shariff and his family to attend the funeral of their late father. All these uncivilized acts were committed by two over ambitious uniformed men, who brought disgrace and shame to Pakistan, by violating their oath of office, suspending our constitution and leaving behind a legacy of endless politics of violence, religious fanaticism and sectarian and ethnic divides, apart from destroying national institutions like judiciary which are so essential for rule of law.

It was expected that the elected President Asif Zardari would bring some dignity to high office that he holds by his choice of words and deeds to strengthening constitutional rule, political ethics and national economy. His uncouth and undignified remarks about  burial of former PM Nawaz Sharif’s late father were uncalled for and unbecoming of a man who holds the office of President of Pakistan. Similarly in the absence of CM Punjab, his senior minister, or acting CM, should have been present at airport to receive the President on his belated trip to Lahore after more than two years. It is high time we understood the need for a President not to be involved in active party politics, once he assumes this office, so that he can give it the dignity that it deserves.


Lahore, April 7.