Millions of residents of centuries old villages situated in limit of Karachi despite being old citizens of the city are still deprived of basic amenities even in computerized age. Nevertheless, the present PPP government has launched the process of issuing allotment orders to the beneficiaries of villages that is praiseworthy. It was very sad those who claims being champions of Karachi and are giving sermons on various private TV channels from time to time, discriminated old villages in Karachi in development projects.

There is an example of former City Nazim in Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal of MQM who tried his best to raze the villages completely instead of providing the people basic facilities. While appreciating the present government efforts to issue allotment orders to the residents of such villages, I request the Sindh government to bring a comprehensive plan to provide all basic amenities to the residents of such villages on priority basis.


Karachi, April 8.