KARACHI- Up to 15000 cases of separation between couples and children custody are being registered in Karachi annually . Materialism, urbanization, industrialization, democracy, female employment and media role are also included in the reasons behind divorce . This was told in a seminar at University of Karachi today.

The seminar was organized by Department of Sociology of the University. It was further told that the family system in Europe had reached at a verge of destruction. Remaining in the ambit of Islam and not breaching social norms will not only make our marital life pleasant but will also firm our family system.

Advocate Khwaja Naveed said divorce is very harmful for the society as children of the separated couples become criminals. Advocate Zia Awan said that laws were made in the country upon international pressure but implementation was always an issue. Only the existence of law is not enough for prevention of child marriage, he said.

Chairperson Women Lawyers Association Faiza Khaleel said that in most diverse cases men wanted compromise but the women sought for immediate separation which affected the future of their kids.