Gone are the days when countries tried to dominate the world politically and militarily. I am quiet sure that the world will see tremendous changes in the next few years when China would emerge as an economic super power. The Americans have been dominating the world map and the worst thing about this dominance is, that where ever they go, they only destroy. They have been attacking and destroying nations on a large scale for the last three decades. The difference between the Chinese and American politics is that America has always tried to increase its clout in the world through military and political means but the Chinese believe in trade and investment instead of military attacks.

China is an export oriented country. Today it is the second largest economy in the world. The Americans have always been involved in foreign conflicts, after the second world war, the cold war between Russians and American changed the social fabric of the world. Militancy and extremism increased due to the flawed policies of the Americans. They made a mess in Iraq, on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction, which proved to be a false claim, as per the United Nation reports, they then invaded Afghanistan.

The wars have cost the Americans heavily, both in terms of economy and man power. On the other hand, China has increased its influence across the world by increasing its trade potential with Europe, Africa and South America. India and China had a war in 1961, but despite having fought a war, China has kept economic relations with India as a priority. The trade volume between the two countries has doubled in a decade. Countries need to understand that today it is economic matters that dominate the world, and getting involved in foreign conflicts would lead to nothing but destruction.


Karachi, April 6.