One of the main problems Pakistan is facing is corruption everywhere, especially in all government sectors. The higher the rank the larger the corruption, these elite in power are misusing their power; they are making a mockery of their posts and treating it like a business to earn money. It seems as if we will have to live with it for a long time, as the PML-N is also showing no signs of putting this right. They are following the lead of the previous failed government.

The slogans of a ‘New Pakistan’ and ‘change’ have fallen flat as they are only interested in lining their own pockets. It seems as if it is a field trip for our rulers and a race to see how much money they can make in the shortest period of time. We have received aid from three countries in billions of dollars, but I am sure nothing will reach the masses! Some are busy in frivolous activates, such as making fake records. All the money spent on millions of flags, banners and campaigning could have fed millions of hungry and deprived in Pakistan, but who cares?.

The minute they win elections our politicians become greedy animals, giving in to their baser needs of greed and power. This power is like a drug that rushes to the brain and the person is unable to control his or her greed. Really? I don’t believe this, I think a heavy dose of morality may fix them? But who will dispense it, the corrupt Mullahs?

This generation has already fallen victim to greed but we can save the next generation. Instead of numerous seminars and lectures about latest technology and development why not hold lectures about honesty and doing the right things? Why are the politicians not asked to tell us what they have achieved? Like a good company they should have an assessment and evaluation done after every six months and anyone who does not perform should be asked to resign. From clerics, Secretary level to the Ministers all should be held accountable! If we are not taught the right way, it is obvious that our youth will follow in the footsteps of the current leaders and this issue will continue for years to come.


Karachi, April 6.