LAHORE - Speakers at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan on Tuesday said that it would be hard to halt globalisation despite its drawbacks.
Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan organised a seminar on ‘Globalization – Impact on Developing Countries especially Pakistan’ at HNPIP Auditorium near China Chowk.
Former foreign minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri presided over while former finance minister Dr Salman Shah and Dr Ejaz Butt were chief guests on occasion. Speakers include Lahore Stock Exchange Director Asif Beig Mirza also spoke on the occasion. HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.
Kasuri said that history of globalisation goes back to Romans when they used to say “All roads lead to Rome”. Earlier the understanding of global demands the better to ripe its fruits, he held. He said by interfering into others affairs, no nation could make progress. The demographic dividend must not be allowed to become demographic disaster; he held.
The foreign minister said that though the international economic system was unjust, it would be hard to find level playing fields; it was advised to make systemic efforts as the Germans and Japanese did after losing World War-II. He said that adding more members to the UN’s Security Council was not more globalisation . It would be adding to the rights of all the nations and businessmen.  Dr Salman Shah said that Japan, China, India and other such growing economies found a way ahead under the given circumstances. He said if manpower was a main pillar supporting economic why our country could not replace the UK in the race and was on 44th number on the list.
“You have to follow globalisation game rules,” he said and quoted global index that showed Pakistan stood much below than Bhotan 109, India 60. He said that under all the 12 heads the economies are measured, Pakistan showed shockingly very low pace. How a most expensive energy generator Pakistan could face globalisation , he asked. He said that the rulers had been following the footsteps of those who promoted rental power projects but using different names. He also questioned purchase of costly energy and ignoring cheaper hydel one.
Asif Beig Mirza said the increasing income disparity was trend the comity of nations had been facing since long. It would cast an adverse effect on the world wide economies, he held and added it if allowed unchecked it would lead to an unsustainable globalization.  Dr Ejaz Butt criticised globalisation and its side effects on the developing states. He said that the international players would never allow the developing economies surface.
He said that intellectual rights should be honored but not at the cost of poor economies. He said that the developed nations like Germans, the UK and Australia had others’ patents registered and claimed royalties.