Islamabad- Acting President of Awami National Party Senator Haji Adeel has strongly criticized the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan over the blast in Fruit and Vegetables Market today.

He said this has exposed the tall claims of the security in Islamabad . The ANP leader said the blasts during the negotiations with TTP have created doubts in the minds of people. He said if Ahrarul Hind was stronger than TTP, the government should instead hold talks with this group.  He feared that the government would target the poor Pashtuns living in Katchi Abadis under the pretext of the explosion. He said the dialogue with the TTP was losing its utility in the wake of continuous blasts and deaths of innocent people. Haji Adeel said that Interior Minister had made tall claims of beefing up security in the capital after the Kutchery attack but now the Fruit market explosion has exposed all the claims. He asked Chaudhry Nisar to tell the people whether Taliban were involved in acts of terrorism or not. In reply to a question, the ANP Acting President said since the All Parties Conference, the government has not taken any member of the parliament into confidence about the dialogue process and as a result they are in confusion.