Allama Iqbal’ dream materialized in Pakistan emerging on the map and ZA Bhutto’ dream of having a nuclear bomb has also come true, in 1998 when Pakistan became the first Muslim nuclear country in the world. The new dream, of being able to supply nuclear technology to 57 Muslim countries, by becoming the member of Nuclear Suppliers Group, the 48-member nuclear export club, focused on non-proliferation may soon be realized. Prime Minister of Pakistan expressed this dream on the floor of third Nuclear Security Summit held at The Hague in March 2014. Materialization of this dream, of membership in the prestigious club, would bestow upon us enormous strategic, economic and political recompense. Pakistan would get legitimacy as a responsible democratic country of the global nuclear community and be considered as a permanent members of UN Security Council. The Muslim market will be open to Pakistan and we may dream of becoming leaders of the Muslim World. The present government must strive to materialize this dream with the crucial help of Muslim countries. The government should surmount all hurdles created by internal and external forces.


Sukkur, April 7.