I was driving near Marriott Hotel when I saw a child trying to clean the windshield of a car at a traffic signal. He was barely six years old and his hands could barely reach the windshield. He was barefoot, wearing dirty cloths. He had just a few seconds to clean the glass as the signal turned green and to add to his disappointment the driver didn’t give him anything. I could see the tears his eyes innocent eyes as he ran off to the footpath to save himself from the fast moving cars which could have easily run over him without any qualm.

I wanted to help the poor chap, as I really felt sorry for him but found myself completely helpless. I could offer him some money but that would not be a permanent solution to the problem. We are a nation of 1.8 billion people with capability of launching nuclear missile but cannot feed our children. I suppose Edhi, Salani and some other welfare foundations must be doing a commendable job but at the end it’s the states responsibility to resolve these issue.

We have a perfect solution in Islam, excess wealth is given to the state to help the needy, this was done by the local mullah of the mosques. I remember my father used to give his Zakat to the family mosque and the Mullah, knowing who was in need, dispensed and divided the amount. He considered himself as a trustee of Allah (Subhana Tallah) and the money people gave him. Now we live in a country where no one trusts another. Our Zakat, cut forcibly from every ones bank account is spent on what? Can anyone ask why we have millions of beggars in a Muslim country?

I would like to request everyone who is at the helm of affairs or who could influence the people in the government to pass a bill quickly (as seen done for personal gain) to take these children, women and old people off the streets and rehabilitate them at state expense and teach them skills to become a strong work force.


Karachi, April 7.