The dismissal of the former SSP (Ops), Islamabad, Muhammad Ali Nekokara on the charges of not taking any action against the PTI, PAT workers during their sit-ins last year. According to Nekokara it could have turned into another Model Town incident, which is true but also proves that Pakistan is not a country for the honest and moral people. I would like to know where we stand now. I see an abyss of injustice and an overall social disintegration and a state of economic bankruptcy and, what is more a complete reversal of the set of values we inherited from the great founder of Pakistan.

The Quaid gave us the watchword Unity, Faith and Discipline,’ but we ruthlessly butchered them at the altar of factionalism, racialism and provincialism. It is also a great misfortune that we could not produce any other great leader of the same caliber as the Quaid-e-Azam. The leaders who held the reins after him were mostly mediocre, lukewarm and seasonal politicians with no vision for this nation. Instead of contributing anything positive to the cause of nation building, they made politics a dirty pool of stagnant water fraught with all sorts of conceivable maladies and impurities.

Nekokara stood affirm to his believes and we should all appreciate honest people like him. His only guilt was that he had learnt the lesson of the great Quaid by heart, of serving the people with honesty and faithfulness. He considered the lives of his people more precious in the best interest of the country in that anarchic situation and prevented a massacre from happening we should all salute him!


Kasur, April 7.