Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in a special video message on the Pakistan Day, has pledged to rid the country of “fasaadis” (miscreants). I would like to invite the attention of COAS to the recent attack by members of the Islamic Jamiat-e-Talaba (ÌJT) on a social gathering arranged by Pakhtun students on the Punjab University campus, in which five students were badly injured. IJT is a student wing of the Jamaat.-e-Islami and considers itself the arbiter of morality in educational campuses throughout the country. There is a long list of attacks carried out by the IJT. It has attacked Valentine’s Day celebrations and forcibly shutdown book fairs organised by other student organisations. It seems that violence is inherent to the IJT religion and morality are used as a weapon to justify it. IJT treats public universities as its personal platform to promote its political ideology of hate and violence in the society. I expect that the COAS will help university administration to take a stand and declare zero tolerance policy toward IJT’s reign of terror, because the political government failed to stop the spread of “fassadis” ideology in the country. 


Lahore, March 23.