Pakistan Steel Mill is Pakistan’s biggest industrial company that came into being in 1973. This industry is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy especially in terms of its production. The industry not only fulfils 11% need of steel, but it has also given billions to the state in terms of taxes. It was working fruitfully till 2008, workers were not only given proper salary but were also granted bonuses like medical, loan benefits, lucky draws etc. Now, it can be said gloomily that the industry is at a downfall due to corruption and neglect on part of the government. Operations now have completely stopped, workers are much worried as they are not getting their wages on time neither the full payment for their work is made. The families of working class are suffering at the hands of bad governance. 

I beg the government to have mercy on this industry and the people working in it. Government should pay attention so it can prosper once again and can be beneficial for the state. 


Karachi, March 23.