“My true religion is kindness.”

–Dalai Lama – 1984

Born and raised in Germany, Dr Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau was a philanthropist who dedicated her life to treat the patients suffering from Leprosy. A few years after her birth, she had to flee as East Germany fell into Soviet occupation during World War II. Settling in West Germany, she pursued her career in medicine at Mainz (1949). However, she was d displeased with her work in Germany, hence she joined Catholic order and came to Pakistan. As she visited patients around the city of Karachi, the realization of belonging, commitment and calling became stronger. Starting off with a small treatment centre at a slum-quarter, she ended up collaborating with hospitals across the country. She went out of her comfort zone to make a difference, collected donations inside Pakistan and Germany to facilitate the treatment of Leprosy. It was her services which put Pakistan amongst the first few countries to have controlled Leprosy, as per World Health organization (1966). She became a citizen of Pakistan in 1988, received a Civilian Award at Presidents House on 23rd March. She was also awarded Nishan e Quaid e Azam in 2010 for her public services. She earned herself the title of ‘Mother Teresa’ for her displacement services during the flooding of 2010. Not many people in the world exhibit such selfless dedication and devotion to work for the people of another country. Ruth Pfau is definitely an inspiration for humanity and a symbol of love and compassion beyond borders.