The geopolitical road map in the region, namely the Middle East and South East Asia, is witnessing restructuring phases, demographically, politically and economically. These changes have been seen in the hegemonic powers of the Middle East starting from Iraq passing through Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. The people in the Middle East were hoping that the so-called spring revolt waves would put an end to those regimes that lasted for decades under democratising dictatorships. But unfortunately, the waves were not up to the expectations of the people of those countries who dreamt of practicing freedom of expression.

Starting from Tunisia through Egypt, the Islamic political parties of Muslim brotherhood could not hold power for long. The Muslim brotherhood party in Egypt and other states in the region was a major factor in restructuring the geopolitical scenarios in the entire Middle East, and this failure created havoc and has craved up people and states. Some are supportive and sympathising with the Muslim Brotherhood due to the international affiliation of this organisation, like Turkey, which is ruled by the Justice and Development Party of President Erdogan, who felt the need to backup their brothers who failed in Egypt and some other states like Qatar and Sudan, and who still are closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood financially and politically.

However there are complexities within both stories, which include Egypt’s diplomatic relations with those countries who are backing up the tactics of Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptian-Sudanese relations appear to be strained after a Sudanese statement denying that Sudan was harbouring any Muslim Brotherhood leader, emphasising that the policy of Sudan was based on not to giving shelter to any opposing leader who is expelled from Egypt. Now, questions arise about the intentions of Khartoum’s regime to re-adopt its old policies that only resulted in a regional and international hostility towards the Muslim Brotherhood. Also a few days later a statement from some of those leaders who were residing inside Sudan said that they had summoned their general assembly and would hold party elections in Sudan. Among those Muslim Brotherhood figures was a major accused of assassination attempt of Dr. Ali Gummah, the ex-mufti of Egypt. The uprisings were followed by a video that went viral on social media, socked the Arab world, were a Muslim Brotherhood operative admitted that during his stay in Khartoum, he was given training of terrorist operations, where one of his trainers was Syrian.

This exposes the cover given by Sudan to these terrorists who threaten their national security of their Nile sharing neighbour. This definitely undermines the bilateral relationship between Cairo and Khartoum. As a result, the Egyptian court and Attorney General has presented evidences proving the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood taking part in terrorist operations inside Egypt, with training and support from Sudan. Looking into those evidences the court has taken a verdict labeling and classifying these members among terrorist entities.

The Muslim Brotherhood - also called Muslim Brethren or The Society of the Muslim Brothers - is an Islamic organisation with a political approach to Islam. But is it a right political approach to Islam?

However bizarre and ludicrous, it is an increasingly popular conspiracy theory that the Muslim Brotherhood is a Jewish production to destroy Egyptians, and the Middle East. The Europeans and the American used any means necessary, including espionage, diplomacy, bribery and even direct military might to retain control over Egypt and the Middle East, and the basic tool to get hold of the Middle East was the Muslim Brotherhood organisation. If you took a wider look over the whole Middle East you’ll realise that this deadly mix is wreaking havoc across the whole region. Shortsighted people get lost in the trivial details and fail to grasp this original cause. Allowing the clerics and extremists to stick their noses in politics is always problematic. European and American policy makers and intelligence are well aware of that, but they will do nothing to prevent it though, for encouraging religious extremism and supporting it to rise to power is the magical key to control the strategic and wealthy Middle East, granting more legitimacy to the Jewish state of Israel. Plus, a Middle East replete with extremism will be the hub for Jihadists from all over the world, thus purging the west of this Islamist menace.

Muslim brotherhood members and militants, who are now crying over democracy and legitimacy, have undemocratically and coercible equated Morsi with Islam. Is this democracy in the first place? And how could we unseat a group/president who is allegedly ruling by the divine power of God Almighty. The Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist group that has decided to take up arms, posing a threat of terrorism and civil war all over Egypt.

The great game of how to restructure the Middle East geopolitically, geographically and geo-strategically was unveiled in a documentary, by Kurt Nimmo a veteran investigative journalist, titled “The real story of Syria”. He referred to the American intelligence report that says the plan by the Americans in vision for the Arabs and Muslims of Middle East was spelled out in a US defense agency document from 2012 .The document says the Salafist group, the Muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda in Iraq now known as the Islamic state are at the forefront to depose Assad .The document predicts the establishment of a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Syria and this is what supporting powers to the opposition want in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion. Reports have revealed that Washington had prior information about the presence of terrorists in Syria and the Middle East and their plan to establish their so-called Islamic state in the heart of the Middle East. The US defense agency document, which dated back to 2012, has shed light on the rise of the terrorists and their activities in Syria and the Middle East. Based on the papers, Washington used ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood as a tool to implement and to isolate the Syrian government. The document also predicted that the support given by the west Turkey and the Persian gulf Arab states to the terrorists lead to the Salalfist principality in the Middle East .