There appears to be universal corruption in Pakistan. We see each day new sources of corruption. Some days back, a Finance Secretary of Balochistan was reported to have amassed a fortune in his house worth billions. The press has reported in Dunya News on March 14 that the police is catching criminals to release them after getting kickbacks. Even teachers are accused of corruption in schools, spending crores of rupees to purchase furniture. It is said that people adopt the practices of their rulers. It appears that people are following their rulers in rampant corruption which is harming the spirit of Pakistan. The cure of this “cancer” of corruption needs a hospital like Shaukat Khannum Hospital to save it from this pernicious practice. It is therefore that we also see promises being made of State of the art hospitals in future while the existing hospitals are poorly managed.

It seems the CM and PM are tired of speaking against corruption and the people are treating corruption as a normal thing!


Lahore, March 22.