Lahore - Low quality vegetables and fruits are being sold at Sunday bazaars set up by the administration in various areas of the city.

These bazaars have become a challenge for the city administration, City District Government of Lahore and the Punjab Food Authority because they are being controlled by a mafia selling substandard vegetables and fruits.

On the other hand, situation of supply of fruits and vegetables to Sunday bazaars is not satisfactory and quality of most fruits and vegetables being sold there is not up to the mark. Fruits and vegetables are being sold at high rates at these makeshift markets in the presence of heavy government machinery and price control magistrates.

At Model Ramazan Bazaar near Mian Plaza, potato was sold at Rs12 per kg, onion Rs25, lemon (China) Rs110, ladyfinger Rs115, apple Rs100, banana Rs75 per dozen and second grade banana at Rs 40.

Asma Naheed, a housewife who came with her husband for shopping at Mian Plaza Model Sunday Bazaar, said there is no difference in quality of fruits and vegetables at model bazaar and other Sunday bazaars. “At least the government should make sure there is some difference between model bazaars and other makeshift markets,” she said.

Parking is also an issue around the Model Town Sunday Bazaar where visitors find it difficult to park their vehicles due to Lepark company’s poor planning.

Fahad Subhan, resident of Wahdat Colony, said that watermelons being sold at Wahdat Colony Sunday Bazaar were not up to the mark and authorities needed to address this issue.

Sale of non-branded drinks goes unchecked at the Model Town Sunday Bazaar. This issue needs Punjab Food Authority’s attention.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore is finalizing sites of 31 Ramazan bazaars. Lord Mayor Mubashir Javed has constituted a two-member committee in every zones to finalize sites for the makeshift markets.

Presiding over a meeting, the lord mayor said he would personally visit all sites and ensure that markets are set up per rules and they are providing all facilities to citizens in the holy month.