Zauq Group is a diversified business group with an extensive portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships that operate across South East Asia, Europe and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, having backed by decades of experience in Variable data printing, industrial automation, RFID and system integration.

Pharma Trax is a project and subsidiary of Zauq Group, pioneers for providing solutions regarding tracking, tracing and verifying in pharmaceutical industry, a path way towards GS1, the most advanced digital solution in pharmaceutical sector. It was much needed in a country like Pakistan to counter fake medicines using technology, as developed countries have recognised the importance of traceability solutions for the welfare of human kind.

We focus on providing one stop solution to Track and Trace all units of a finished product on Batch level, Primary Packaging level, Secondary Packaging level and Tertiary Packaging level; providing end to end traceability. Our solutions are modular and customisable and can address problems like recall management, product uniqueness, genuine product assurance, sales territory management, sales campaigns, product usage tracking.

Providing variable data printing directly on Products, Packaging and Labels in Human Readable (Alphanumeric format) as well as Machine Readable (Linear, 2 D Barcodes, Data Matrix, QR Code Format) that provide identification and traceability information to consumers and we can effortlessly and reliably capture Machine readable data using smart phones, hand held devices, industrial scanners and vision cameras. We can print using all popular technologies like CIJ, Thermal Ink Jet, Thermal transfer, Laser marking etc.

We use RFID technologies for high speed, non-line of sight data identification and traceability; we use a combination of RFID standards Like Low frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) depending upon the application.

We also use near field communication (NFC) a consumer RFID standard that allows communicating using consumer smart phones for Pharma Trax applications. RFID technology and Tag selection is done with customer’s needs in mind to deliver a robust and functional solution.

We use industrial scanners and vision systems to read and store machine readable information to data base enabling tracking and tracing of products in production, warehousing and distribution environment. It is used for Print Verification, Product movement at check points and product visibility in warehousing and distribution channels.

We can integrate any imaging, scanning and camera system according to application.

Pharma Trax app enables consumers to Identify and Track products by scanning barcodes via mobile phones. We have mobile apps for Android, IOS, Windows CE platforms to allow consumers to access traceability information; while detailed information of supply chain is accessible to the specific organizations, ensuring right products to the right persons at the right time.

Apps can also be customized according to the requirements of the organization for applications like sale campaigns, data analytics and distribution channel management.

Pharma Trax Cloud provides the back end data repository and reporting engine. It works with several of our check point modules like printing, verification and apps to provide complete traceability applications.