ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan ensured the safe exit of his staff before him as a fire broke out on the third floor of the PM Office. He ordered the safe exit of the staff after knowing the fire eruption while continued to chair a meeting despite the emergency. The fire which erupted in a bathroom on the third floor of Prime Minister Secretariat Islamabad on Monday was extinguished through immediate response. The PMO was evacuated after the fire broke out.

The fire was brought under control due to the timely action taken by fire extinguishing squad with the equipment available at the PM office.

Only after ensuring that the entire staff had been taken out the prime minister left for Bani Gala residence. As per the fire extinguishing team, no casualties had been reported in the incident. The entire staff including the Prime Minister remained safe and unhurt in the incident.

Imran ensures safe exit of staff before his own

Talking to reporters, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Media Affairs Yousaf Baig Mirza said that no loss or damage has been reported. He said the cause of the fire is being ascertained.

According to the Prime Minister office, the fire probably was triggered by a short circuit. However, no person got injured in the incident and all documents also remained safe. The Prime Minister was reportedly one floor below in a meeting with incoming US CENTCOM chief General Kenneth F McKenzie when the fire broke out. Agencies add: Speaking to the media, the PM’s spokesperson said they have no knowledge of any important documents being destroyed by the fire. “We will be able to provide further information after a complete investigation of the incident,” the spokesperson added further, saying they could not yet comment with certainty on the cause of the fire.