LAHORE - Punjab Food Minister Samiullah Chaudhry Monday addressed a news conference to reveal that conspiracies were being hatched against the Punjab government from within the party. 

Calling the conspirators as the ‘snakes in the gross’, the minister explained that government was facing serious threats from its own people rather than the political opponents. 

Without naming any person, Chaudhry said that those involved in conspiracy against the provincial government were not the elected persons. He also called them a jealous bunch of people rejected by the electorate in the polls.

Flanked by CM spokesperson Dr Shahbaz Gill, the minister said that conspirators were also after his ministry and wanted to get him removed from the cabinet. 

“My only sin is that I am against financial corruption and not yielding to any pressure tactics,” he said, adding that he had been protecting his ministry with sheer hard work and performance.

“Conspiracies continue unabated and rumours are being spread. But I am confronting the conspirators at every front,” he said. Samiullah also said that he was not worried about the possibility of his portfolio being changed or removal from the cabinet. He challenged his opponents to match his performance in seven months. 

He said the Chief Minister was also aware of the conspiracies and will take action at the due time.

Separately, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said Pakistan was presenting a picture of decrepitude due to the plunder of previous tenures.

According to a handout The punishment of corruption and inefficiency should be given to those elements that had bankrupted Pakistan and filled their pockets mercilessly.  The elements that had committed enmity with the nation had done nothing for the welfare of the common man.

The PTI government has put an end to this practice of plunder and those who are responsible for corruption and inefficiency will have to be accountable for now. Indiscriminate accountability of the corrupt elements is necessary for national development, he added.

The Chief Minister said that PTI has come into power with an agenda of public service and made it clear that we do not have any other agenda like the past rulers. The foundations of the country were weakened with corruption during the past tenures while the PTI government has laid the foundation of a transparent Pakistan, he said.

The corruption has been decreased and the ratio of transparency has been increased in the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. We do not believe in slogans and claims and practical steps are made for public service. In fact, the government has achieved success at every level in a short span of time and midnight oil is burnt to come up to the expectations of the people, the Chief Minister concluded


Parliamentarians call on CM to condole his father’s death


Provincial ministers, assembly members, political leaders and important personalities called on Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office here on Monday and expressed a deep sense of sorrow over the death of his father Sardar Fatah Muhammad Khan Buzdar.

They also offered Fateha for the departed soul. Those who called on the Chief Minister included Punjab Irrigation Minister Muhammad Mohsin Legari, MNAs Dr. Seemi Bukhari, Muhammad Asim Nazir and Sanaullah Mastikhel, MPAs Saeed Ahmad Saeedi, Nazir Ahmad Chohan, Sardar Umar Mehar, former assembly member Bilal Ejaz, Ch. Ashfaq, Rameeza Nizami, Liaqat Ansari, Special Secretary Secondary Health & Medical Education, DG Punjab Food Authority and others.