HAFIZABAD - A girl was axed to death allegedly by her father for having an affair with a boy of her village, Kot Sajana.  According to the police, Asma was allegedly having an affair with a boy of her village and her father, Ghulam Mustafa, had warned her against doing so. On Monday, her father axed her to death after an argument over the same issue.  Police have registered a case and arrested the accused. Asma’s body was shifted to the morgue for an autopsy.


A man was electrocuted when a high voltage power cable fell on him in Warra (Fattaki). Muhammad Panah was electrocuted when an 11,000KV power cable fell on him while working in the fields. The locals protested against the negligent Gepco authorities and demanded compensation for the victim. They said they had protested against the high voltage power lines passing through the fields that led to several fatal incidents, but Gepco authorities did not fix them properly. They demanded action against the negligent officials.