ISLAMABAD - The opposition wants the government to clarify the foreign minister’s warning about another Indian aggression, suggesting Prime Minister Imran Khan should immediately take parliament into confidence about its future strategy.

The government side should have shared its concrete policy with the nation on India’s planning for another act of aggression between 16th and 20th of this month.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi other day (Sunday) shared that Pakistan has credible intelligence reports that India is planning another act of aggression against it between 16th and 20th of this month. Qureshi said India can create a new drama in Occupied Kashmir on the pattern of Pulwama in order to justify its military action.

Talking to The Nation, PML-N’s senior lawmaker Ahsan Iqbal said that PTI’s government should take parliament into confidence about the important information regarding India’s planning for another act of aggression. “Imran Khan is only attacking the opposition.  He should rather share concrete policy about possible Indian aggression,” said Iqbal, mentioning the government should share details with parliament. When contacted, PPP’s MNA Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that stakeholders from different sectors have started taking its own meanings from the important information shared by the foreign minister.  “There is a need to clarify the stance immediately, as government should share its policy with the nation,” said former prime minister, mentioning that opposition would support PTI’s government for the stability, sanctity, progress, and sovereignty of the country. The former prime minister said that the parliament should be taken into confidence over this important statement from the foreign minister. “We are ready to fight for the country if our enemy dares to cast an evil eye on our country,” he said, mentioning there was a need to give once more clear message to enemies that the entire nation would not tolerate any aggression. The upcoming session of the National Assembly has been summoned on April 12 (Friday). The government side is expected to share its stance over ‘the planning of Indian aggression’ with the start of the National Assembly session. The lower house of parliament might also conduct a debate in the house on this matter. The National Assembly has also recently adopted a resolution strongly rejecting baseless allegations of India linking Pulwama attack to Pakistan without investigation and any shred of evidence. It condemns in the resolution that Indian knee-jerk reaction where instead of introspection on its repressive policies against the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir denying their right of self-determination.  The foreign minister had also  shared ceasefire violations in the wake of Pulwama incident have intensified and Indian troops are targeting civilian population of Pakistan, causing a large number of casualties.