The Fall of Saddam`s Statue


April 9, 2003, is one of the most symbolic events in Iraq`s political history. It was a typical afternoon during the Baghdad war when an Iraqi man was seen with a sledgehammer in front of Saddam Hussain`s statue near Firdos square.

Kadom-al-Jabouri caught the public eye as well as the absolute attention of the international media that day. Also known as, the “sledgehammer man”, Jabouri who was assisted by a US tank to topple the dictator`s statute. It has been more than a decade, Jabouri like the one many other Iraqis still mourn that day. The kind of wrongdoing they were involved in bore no fruit for the Iraqis. Nothing has changed in Iraq as far as peace is concerned, although the war ended with the American occupation. Iraqis still reconvene to remember how Hussain’s era was much better than the modern day Iraq.

The day in question still faces multiple theories where a substantial part of the world thinks that the whole event was stage-managed. Investigations revealed later on that there were several lacunae in the April 9 story. Various independent thinkers have concluded that the media exaggerated attendance of the event.

The toppling of Hussain`s statue was shown as an iconic Iraqi celebration however events of that day are still disputed.