ISLAMABAD-Three doctors and a nurse of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) have been tested positive with novel coronavirus (COVID-19), The Nation learnt on Wednesday.

The documents available with The Nation said that the hospital had sent the samples of the staff to National Institute of Health (NIH) and four of them including three doctors and a nurse were tested positive.

Officials said that all of the four medical professionals were deployed in the COVID-19 isolation ward and now have been quarantined after the confirmation of the results. The health condition of all four professionals is stable.

Officials also said that the PIMS hospital had sent the samples of around 26 patients to NIH for COVID-19 testing in last two days and 23 of them were declared positive.

“The number of patients is increasing,” said the official.

The hospital administration has quarantined all 23 confirmed COVID-19 patients at their homes.

Officials also said that PIMS hospital is receiving unidentified patients of COVID-19 that are being admitted in wards other than the COVID-19 isolation ward.

The documents said that a 32-year-old patient suffering from leukemia (cancer) was also reported positive with COVID-19 and he died later.

Officials said that the patient, a resident of the rural area of the federal city, was shifted to PIMS on April 4th and was being treated for leukemia. However, during the examination doctors suspected him for COVID-19 and shifted him to isolation ward taking his samples.

The patient was again shifted to medical ward 6 after taking his sample and he died there after remaining admitted there for three days.

Later, the NIH confirmed the patient was COVID-19 positive after his demise and the dead body was also shifted without any preventive measures.

Media coordinator PIMS Dr. Waseem Khawaja said that increasing number of unidentified patients of COVID-19 at hospital is increasing risk of infection in medical professionals and other patients.

He said that patients with other diseases are also later confirmed with COVID-19 which is a matter of concern.

“Sometimes patients are aware about COVID-19 symptoms and they do not inform it to the physician when they reach the hospital,” he said.

He said that one such patient was received at hospital but there is chance of increase of such number.

He urged patients and attendants to properly inform about the medical history for prevention from COVID-19.

So far, the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients has reached 83 according to the National Command and Control Center (NCC) dashboard.

One of the female patient tested positive with the COVID-19 expired earlier this week.

The patient had travelling history of United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) and was on ventilator for above 15 days.

Officials said that the medical team provided best healthcare to the critical patient and her husband also recovered from the diseases.

However, the lady could not survive and passed away after 20 days.

Officials said that one of the patient in PIMS isolation war is critical and on ventilator.

The PIMS hospital has closed its all Outdoor Patients Departments and increased its isolation capacity after the number of patients of COVID-19 surged.