RAHIM YAR KHAN - A landlord and his nephew died suddenly of a landslide while digging a well here on Wednesday. Rescue 1122 personnel and family were able to retrieve the bodies after a 26-hour long struggle.According to details, 48-year-old Mohammed Riaz and his nephew,16 years Ayub landed in a 10 year old well for maintaining the tubewell fan on Tuesday morning in Town  Langar Khan Jamaluddin Wali Road, about 20 km from Rahim Yar Khan, when suddenly a large pile of mud fell on them, and people standing nearby shouted and helped themselves.  Rescue 1122 personnel arrived at the scene immediately and they were struck by an accelerator and four tractors. Due to these sudden young deaths, there was a wave of grief  in the area. Funeral prayer held on Wednesday evening which was attended by a large number of people despite coronavirus alert.