This refers to a letter by Mr Sajid M. Ansari in The Nation of July 22,2008 in which he has criticised Sharif Brothers and Aitzaz Ahsan for calling Musharraf 'an illegal president'. This, he says, reflects their 'undemocratic mentality'. He says all decisions taken by the 'Parliament' have to be accepted by opposition without any reservations. I ask him does the public have no right to raise their objections on the role of the previous puppet Parliament? According to Mr. Sajid, only the court could be moved against illegality of the parliament. Can I ask which court? The PCOed court or ghost of the axed judiciary? Which court should the people move against the brutalities in Balochistan and FATA? Which court should be moved against the carnage of Lal Masjid and the American air strikes on the innocent tribal people? Which court should we moved in favour of Dr A.Q. Khan and the countless missing people, atrocities of the past regime, or for that matter, the unfulfilled promises of the present NROed dispensation? If calling an 'illegal' usurper is wrong, the people will keep doing it. Night can never be called a day. -PROF MUHAMMAD SHOAIB, Shakargarh, via e-mail, July 24.