India has accused ISI of involvement in the terrorist attack on its embassy in Kabul. Our reaction has been rather spongy. It is a well-known fact that India loses no opportunity to fish in the troubled waters in Pakistan. India's involvement in Balochistan and tribal areas is an established fact. Recently, the PM was informed by secret agencies that some foreign spy agencies are pushing their agents in the Pakistani tribal areas from Afghanistan under cover of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The purpose is to instigate local residents to fight against Pakistani forces as part of The Great Game in the region. Pakistani authorities have not yet taken any action against those miscreants. Pakistan has never dared to allege against India or any other country directly, even though foreign countries are involved in insurgencies here. Our government always says that some foreigners are fomenting trouble in our country. But questions about who they are and who supports them are generally left unanswered. Pakistan must identify these insurgents and demand abolition of their parent agencies just like India has demanded abolition of ISI. -YASIR ALI KHAN, Hazro, via e-mail, July 24.