ISLAMABAD - Heavy downpour on Friday afternoon brought a pleasant weather change but played havoc with the commuters and residents of twin cities' slum areas. The dwellers of slum areas experienced the worst day as the heavy rain that started around 4:00pm made their lives more miserable. As the rain brought joy and relief for the posh areas, the poor inhabitants of the katchi abdis suffered from negative impact of the rain, which is generally considered as blessings. Although it was trouble-making for the residents of the slum areas, but it provided them relief from the scorching summer heat and humidity. Most of the houses in slum areas were almost near to collapse due to damages caused by the heavy rain. The muddy houses got cracks and water entered their rooms compelled them to shift their furniture to other safer corners of their small houses. The rain also exposed bad construction work carried out by the Capital Development Authority as water pooled outside the streets and roads. According to the Met office the rain showered in some parts of the twin cities. They recorded overall 41mm rain and described it as a normal monsoon rain. The first spell continued for half an hour. Slum areas situated in sector G-7/1, Sitara Market G-6/2, F-7/2 and G-8/1 were in the worst condition as after the heavy rainfall it was even difficult for the residents to go to their houses. Every year the poor people of slum areas become major victims of the rain in monsoon. The torrential rain that started to shower Friday evening and lasted till late night resulted in havoc like situation in the federal capital as the city roads witnessed the worst traffic jams at various places. The rain exposed the poor sewerage system in the capital city as the water pooled on roads at various places besides entering into MNAs' hostel. The torrential showers offered great impediment in smooth flow of traffic, which badly congested at IJP road near I-9 and I-10, G-7, G-6, 7th Avenue, F-6 and other areas. The rainwater also found way into homes in slum areas of the city. However, according to officials at 15, no casualty or other untoward incident was reported. So intense were the rain showers that the rainwater went inside vehicles parked in front of various busy business centers like Super Market and Blue Area. Similarly, pedestrians suffered hard as the bus shed erected at numerous places in the city were too small to provide them with safe shelter in face of stormy rainfall. It is pertinent to mention here that a similar rain three days back had entered into katchi abadis, dwellers of which had faced great difficulties as the rainwater had pooled into their poor rooms and kitchens and had virtually halted their lives. Their luggage and other household stuffs had been destroyed. Today too, they suffered hard as the rainwater entered into their homes due to the poor drainage system in the city. However, minor children and youngsters enjoyed the rain by coming out and swimming in the water pooled on roads, as if the CDA's inability to maintain an effective sewerage system proved as a blessing for them. Every time the rain exposed the poor condition of the outdated sewerage system of the capital city, but there is no one in the civic body to bother over the situation. The Authority had time and again announced before its budget that this time the focus would be shifted from road construction projects to improving drainage system of the city. However, when the budget announced, surprisingly, there were only 100 million rupees kept for thoroughly overhauling the system. It, too, is not known that when would be that 'great sum' utilised.